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Screenplay TitlePrice
BONNIE SCOTLAND - CONTINUITY (hard copy only)$ 8.99
BOOMTOWN 1940 (hard copy only)$ 8.99
CONFORMIST, THE (Dialogue Cont.) (miss pg 4A4) (no PDF, hardcopy only)$ 8.99
DANGEREOUS WOMAN, A [4th draft] (hardcopy only, No PDF)$ 5.99
Dead Girl [mini-sized, awards draft] (2006) (sale copy, no PDF)$ 8.99
DEFIANT ONES, THE [1/20/1958] (1958) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 19.95
Emperor's Club (hard copy, no PDF)$ 3.99
Eye of the Tiger (hard copy - no PDF)$ 2.99
FEAST OF LOVE, THE [3/13/2006] (2007) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 19.95
Goldengirl (1979) [no PDF, only hard copy]$ 9.99
Good Girl, The (Prod. draft) (sale hard copy - no PDF)$ 5.99
Guilty by Suspicion [Rev 3/14/90] (sale hard copy - no PDF)$ 4.99
GUY (hardcopy only, No PDF)$ 2.99
HALL PASS (Pete Jones early draft) (hardcopy only, No PDF)$ 4.99
HAPPINESS [5/21/1997] (1998) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 11.99
HARVEST (dan Siligmann draft) (hard copy only, no PDF)$ 2.99
HENRY V (1945) (hardcopy only, No PDF)$ 6.99
HIGHWAY (hard copy only)$ 2.99
HOAX (hardcopy only, No PDF)$ 2.99
JAZZ SINGER (hard oopy, no PDF)$ 9.99
JESSE JAMES 1939 (hard oopy, no PDF)$ 9.99
JESUS' SON (hard copy only)$ 2.99
Kentucky 1938 (no PDF, only hard copy)$ 6.99
KRAMER VS. KRAMER [1978-09-05][miss 40,42](1979) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 19.95
LAST CHANCE HARVEY [Undated] (2008) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 11.99
LAWN DOGS (no PDF, only hard copy)$ 2.99
Losing Isaiah (no PDF, only hard copy)$ 5.99
MAN ON THE MOON [12-8-1997] [Sale copy, no PDF] $ 6.99
MAP OF THE WORLD [5-19-97] [Sale copy, no PDF] (1999)$ 5.99
MEMPHIS BELLE [2-23-89] [Sale copy, no PDF]$ 6.99
MIAMI PHAPSODY [6--2-93] [Sale copy, no PDF] $ 9.99
MIGHTY JOE YOUNG [10-20-96] [Sale copy, no PDF] (1998)$ 4.99
MOONLIGHT AND VALENTINO [4-15-94] [Sale copy, no PDF]$ 5.99
MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN [Sale copy, no PDF] (1936)$ 9.99
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN [shooting 10-23-97] [Sale copy, no PDF] $ 8.99
NEXT [7-20-05][Sale copy, No PDF] $ 4.99
NIGHT WATCHMEN [9-2-97][Sale copy, No PDF] $ 5.99
OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, THE [JAN-1997] (1998) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 19.95
OLIVER [11-29-67] [Sale copy, no PDF] $ 8.99
ONE FINE DAY [Undated] (1996) (Hard copy. NO PDF)$ 19.95
ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS [Continuity][miss pg 86] [Sale copy, no PDF] (1939)$ 18.99
OUT OF SITE [10-11-96][Sale copy, no PDF]$ 8.99
OUT OF SITE [8-5-97][Sale copy, no PDF]$ 8.99
OUT-OF-TOWNERS [2-5-98] [Sale copy, no PDF] $ 8.99
PARADISE [11/27/90][Sale copy, no PDF]$ 4.99
PETRIFIED FOREST, THE [9/23/35][miss pg. 44][Sales copy, no PDF]$ 9.99
PLAINSMAN, THE [Shooting] (1937)[Sales copy, no PDF]$ 10.99
PLATINUM BLONDE (1931) [Sale copy, no PDF]$ 10.99
PRISONER OF ZENDA [Final, miss pg 99] (1979) [Sale copy, No PDF]$ 6.99
PUNCHLINE [1/23/87][Sales copy, no PDF]$ 9.99
RAPTURE, THE [6/27/89][Sale copy, No PDF]$ 3.99
REMEMBER THE NIGHT [7-24-39][miss pg 7][Sale copy, No PDF]$ 6.99
ROXANNE [10-6-86][Sale copy, No PDF]$ 9.99
S.W.A.T. [1/22/02][Sale copy, no PDF]$ 4.99
Sahara [Treatment 3/82][Sale copy, no PDF]$ 5.99
SCORPION KING, THE [SHOOTING 2/16/2001][Sale copy, No PDF] (2002) $ 5.99
SHADOW, THE [Storyboards][Book 1&2][sale copy, no PDF]$ 33.95
Simple Plan, A [8/29/96] [poor quality] [Sale copy, no PDF]$ 9.99
Sour Grapes [12/6/96][Sale copy, No PDF]$ 4.99
Star is Born, A (1954) [poor print quality][Sale copy, no PDF]$ 5.99
State and Main (2000) [Sale copy, No PDF]$ 5.99
Stealth [9/22/03] [Sale copy, No PDF]$ 4.99
Steel This Movie [3/30/98][Sale copy, No PDF]$ 6.99
Storyville [2/4/91] [Sale copy, No PDF]$ 6.99
Terminal, The [undated] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 2.99
Till There Was You [9-24-93] (sale copy, no PDF)$ 3.99
Touch - Pilot (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 7.99
Toy, The [3-31-82] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 9.99
Truman Show, The [shooting] (sale copy, no PDF)$ 6.99
Tune In Tomorrow (1990) (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 2.99
UNFAITHFUL [3/12/2001] (2002) (Hard Copy Only. NO PDF)$ 18.40
Village of the Damned [4-8-94] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 10.99
Walk on the Moon, A [1-2-97] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 5.99
Weight of Water, The [6-9-99] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 2.99
When A Man Loves A Woman [1-6-93] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 9.99
Where the Buffalo Roam [5-23-79] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 9.99
WILD [11/19/2013][Mini-Sized] [Mail Only, No PDF] (2014)$ 9.00
Wonderland [10-1-02] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 5.99
xXx [5-31-01] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 9.99
Yankee Doodle Dandy [11-25-41] (Sale Copy, No PDF)$ 11.99
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