FAQs: HOW TO ADJUST PDF VIEWING SIZE (Screenshots Using Adobe PDF Reader Software)

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Most PDFs we send are set at 75% view.   You can decrease or increase this view magnification





You can hit the down arrow to adjust or use the +/- button to adjust the magnification





For those who have a hard time reading on the computer due to the backlight, you can adjust the magnification to 150% or  200%





Since these are PDFs of the orginal draft (on paper), some older scripts (pre-2005) were typed and xeroxed years ago.  So the print may be lighter on those older drafts, but are legible type.   Again, You can adjust the magnificaton to 100% or more, or you print out the draft, which eliminates the backlight issue.  Below are screenshots showing the difference in PDF view magnification of 75% verus 150%