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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you describe the movie and tv scripts you carry? They are real original drafts of the movie or tv show as the writer(s) wrote them. With full description and dialogue.
  • How are the scripts/drafts listed?


  • Do you have screenplays/movie scripts "exactly" like the movie? No. Scripts are blueprints and there could be many different drafts from writer's drafts to final shooting. We offer what we have available. 99% of scripts are different from the final released movie. Variations could be made in writer's drafts, before and after production. New writers could be hired or changed. Differences from the draft we have to the final movie could be small or a significant difference. If we find a significant difference (greater than 50%) we notate it next to the title. Also, early drafts tend to be very different as well. Screenplays are learning tools for screenwriters. If you need a script "exactly" like the final movie, please consider for a "transcript" instead.
  • Do you offer transcripts? Definitely not. Transcripts are what someone typed (not the writers) as they watched the movie. There is no learning asset in transcripts.
  • What type of movie scripts do you have? We only have screenplays that have been produced and released as a movie. We do not have scripts in development. Check New Screenplay Arrivals for new movie scripts just released. The scripts are all photocopies of the original draft we stock. All screenplays are intended for screenwriting educational purposes only.
  • Speech and Debate questions. We apologize, but we are a site that focuses on the requirements for aspiring and professional screenwriters. We cannot meet the requirements for any other uses for movie scripts. There will be no ISBN. We will offer a paid purchase receipt.
  • How are the screenplays bound/printed? Every screenplay we sell is bound just like a normal script. They are copied on plain white paper (8.5 x 11), bound with two brads. We do not use colored sheet covers or colored paper. They are delivered in a plastic slipcover for protection. Note: Scripts over 115 pages may be printed double sided. You may request single-sided, but an additional shipping cost may apply.
  • What drafts do you have? It varies. Older screenplays (pre1970) are sometimes converted from the actual movie (continuity script) or the title page will only display the title, with no actual draft date. More recent scripts could be a writer's draft, third draft+, or a shooting script. Every screenplay is different. We try to get the closest version to the movie. So sometimes there may be scenes that have changed / or have been deleted from the final movie. If the final draft is not available, we will try to get the third draft, second draft, and so on. The last resort is the shooting script.

    For draft information on a specific movie script email us
  • What's the difference between a shooting draft and the final draft or third draft or writer's draft, etc? Shooting draft is the screenplay version that is used for and while shooting. After the final draft is written with all changes made final, it becomes a locked script. Scene numbers are then added/deleted to distinguished between changes. Any changes made after the script has been locked become partial scene numbers, 89A, B, OMIT SCENES 100-103, etc. Changes in dialogue/narration appear with an * on the line. Pages with changes are colored coded. All changes are documented. Shooting scripts contain camera angles and directing terms.

    After a script is bought and before it is locked, the writer may be asked to make many changes. These drafts become 1st, 2nd, 3rd drafts, etc., and sometimes contain major changes in narration and character. A writer's draft is considered the draft that was sold prior to any changes by the buyer or other early drafts by the writer. A writer's draft is not usually marked "writer's draft" but just date stamped.
  • Why do you sell earlier/different drafts that are not exactly as the released movie? Since our customers are mainly writers, it is advantageous for writers to read what the screenwriter originally wrote, what was changed, and figure out why. And to see if it worked better.
  • Some screenplays you list say 'Continuity' next to the title. What is a Continuity Script? A continuity script is a verbal and visual description from the released movie. It is formatted in two columns: Technical action and dialogue. It is not in original screenplay format and therefore difficult to read. We sell these scripts because with very old titles it is difficult to obtain an originally formatted screenplay and is the only one available.
  • How do I know if the screenplay title you list is from the same movie I'm looking for? Since some movies have the same title of another/older movie, or are a remake, we have the year of the screenplay stamped next to most of these questionable titles.
    - Email us for the draft date and screenwriter's name. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to reply
  • Can I get the screenplay exactly like the released movie? Sorry, we cannot guarantee that the screenplay is exactly like the movie. Sometimes early drafts are quite different from the released movie. Use these early drafts for screenwriting study purposes. Your best bet for getting closest to the movie is a shooting draft. Unfortunately, shooting drafts contain non-writing direction, scene numbers, and camera angles.
  • I want a certain draft, How do I know if you have it? Email us for the draft date and screenwriter's name. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to reply .
  • What if I can't find the script that I want? If it is a new movie we may not have it yet or we may not get it in stock. Please check New Screenplay Arrivals (top of page) periodically. If it is an older script (pre-90s) and it is not in our database we do not carry it and most likely will not carry it in the future.

    --Did you search our database for titles we have? You can SEARCH from our main screenplay page or you can click here to open a new window..
  • Do you sell TV scripts? Yes.
  • Do you have stage plays? Sorry, we do not have stage plays.
  • Do you have foreign or multi-language scripts? We are an English based site, but we do have some scripts that were movies produced outside of the U.S.A. Most likely these movies were released in the U.S.A. at some point. We have a few scripts written in a foreign language; if so,the notation will be next to the listed title.   Otherwise generally, we do not carry non-English scripts.
  • What are storyboards? Storyboards are visual images of the screenplay, something the Director has done for communicating with crew and visualizing shots and angles. All Storyboad scripts are never for the complete movie, that would be too costly; they may include certain action sequences or effects sequences. They are mainly interesting to a aspiring Director.
  • Do you have a waiting list or can you email me new titles when you get them in stock? After you order you have the option to add yourself to our mailling list.
  • Do you have a catalog of your screenplays? We do not send a printed or electronic catalog. Our catalog is updated everyday, and fully online. Click here to search our Catalog. (opens new window)
  • What is the purpose of movie scripts you offer? All scripts are drafts and are for screenwriting educational purposes only.  If you are interested in a script draft for purposes other purposes and have other concerns outside of reading to learning screenwriting (e.g. collecting, research, speech debate, etc) we do not support those purposes.  
  • Does the script draft include (scenes, actors, etc)? We do NOT read, verify or compare any content of any draft for content specificity. All drafts are for educational purposes only and we do not guarantee if a scene, character, or dialogue is contained within the drafts available.
  • Can I edit the PDFs or use Word to edit? No, just like an ebook is closed to editing, these electronic PDF files cannot be edited. Most PDFs are images and the content cannot be searched. The PDF file can be printed. 
  • Do you offer transcripts? No, I am sorry we do not offer transcripts of movies or tv series. We only offer real script drafts as tools for teaching beginning and advanced screenwriters. These drafts are genuine copies of the original script drafts so that the student can see how and what the original writer(s) wrote on the page.

    A few script drafts that we carry may indicate "digitally cleaned" next to the listing; that indicates that those drafts were cleaned up (of light print and dark markings and such) on the pages, but they are as the original -- without changes. Titles listed as "continuity drafts" are also original. A continuity draft is usually from an older movie that was typed up by the studio to be used for the movie theater projectionist for timing and reel changes.
  • What is the difference between a certain script draft and the movie/TV show? We do not monitor, read, compare early or late drafts to the final movie. Early drafts will frequently contain different scenes that may have been cut from the final film or have different dialogue or even different characters. We have no control over the content of what is or is not in the draft.

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