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About Script Fly

Our main focus is on the screenwriter's development, from novice to advanced writers. A while back we were formerly called The Writers Website, where we were successful in launching careers. See our story like the one written about us in The New York Times. We changed our name to to narrow our focus on scripts and screenwriting information. We are strictly an online site and store; our offices located in Los Angeles, California. If you wish to pick up an order, we can arrange for pickup. Just email us first.

Screenwriting Development

We offer excellent tools to help screenwriters hone their skills. Reading movie scripts and TV scripts is a must for any screenwriter, beginning or professional.

Having a library of screenwriting books is not enough. You will need a library of produced screenplays (movie & TV scripts) to read how other writers have translated their ideas into a script format. Each script is in its original format; no transcripts here! :)

We have been offering quality services and information online for a very long time--prior to the explosion of other screenwriter sites. We have broken new ground then, and will continue to break new ground in this area.

Our Scene Analysis is a unique study in the intracacy of writing a scene. We also offer quality screenwriting articles and tips.

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to forward any suggestions or comments.

Script Fly


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