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(Formerly The Writers Website) focuses on Development and Marketing tools for all screenwriters, from novice to advanced. Changing our name and narrowing our focus gives us new opportunities to offer.

Screenwriting Development

We offer excellent tools to help beginning, as well as advanced, screenwriters hone their skills. These tools include: Professional screenplay coverage, story analysis and straight forward studio coverage; quality articles about screenwriting; scene studies; discussions forums; originally formatted screenplays to read; a newsletter with a growing mailing list that offers free tips and information; and tons of screenwriting resources.


We have had remarkable success with our Spec Screenplay Market. Script FLY's spec market will take it up a notch. Not only will screenwriters and novelists be able to post their material's synopsis, but will be able to edit online. Agents and producers will have the capability to search on specific keywords. The market is growing and our relationships with agents and producers are growing. We hope to be part of many more successful stories like the one written about us in The New York Times. (See the New York Times article)

We have been offering quality services and information online for a very long time--prior to the explosion of screenwriter sites. We have broken new ground then, and will continue to break new ground in this area.

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to forward any suggestions or comments.


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